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Application Processing Has Begun

Please be patient.
We are currently contacting applicants in the randomized order to help each qualify for available federal funding in accordance with HUD rules.

Now that the application intake for the Texas Back in Business program has concluded, the list of applicants were randomized and we are processing applications. We will continue contacting applicants to help each qualify under federal requirements until available funds are expended.

If you are one of the randomly selected potential grant recipients, you will receive another email asking you to login to your account and upload tax returns. We ask that you log in to your account and provide requested information no later than 7 days from receiving that email to avoid delays in processing your application. If you have technical issues uploading documents, please call 844-773-5669 or email info@texasbackinbusiness.com. Thank you for applying and we appreciate your patience as we help applicants meet federal eligibility requirements. You will be notified if your application is selected or if program funds have been fully expanded and the program has concluded.

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Hurricane Harvey Relief Program for Texas' Small Businesses

Applications must have been post marked by March 3, 2020 at 12:01am to be accepted. Applications have been randomized and processing has begun.



Hurricane Harvey hit Texas on Aug. 25, 2017, however it still impacts thousands of Texas small businesses today. Small business is the backbone of the Texas economy. It's time someone looks out for small business. It’s time someone has your back.

Texas Back in Business is the Hurricane Harvey Relief Program for Texas small business. It is a job and economic development program, funded by Congress in 2018, designed to help small businesses damaged by Hurricane Harvey to recover.

Saving jobs, creating jobs, helping small businesses stabilize and grow, creating economic development and meeting local community needs, are the objectives of the program.

We are an independent contractor of the Texas General Land Office to distribute grants from $50,000 up to $250,000 to qualified small businesses damaged by Harvey. The program was funded by Congress to help small businesses damaged by Hurricane Harvey.

Our mission is to help save, stabilize and grow affected small businesses in Texas who were affected and or damaged by Hurricane Harvey.


Funded by Congress, under the Department of Housing and Urban Development and authorized by the Texas General Land Office, led by Commissioner George P. Bush, Texas Back in Business is the $100 Million Hurricane Harvey Relief Program for Texas Small Business. This is not a bank loan and is not affiliated with the SBA. Texas Back in Business is the jobs and economic revitalization program created to help small business in Texas that suffered damage from Hurricane Harvey. Now your small business can apply for grants from $50,000 up to $250,000.